Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OOTD: Dorothy Perkins Color Block Dress

A few weeks ago I decided that I would test the waters with UK based, Dorothy Perkins. I was a bit nervous about ordering clothes online from the UK before ever fitting them. I wasn’t certain how the designs would look on my body and I didn’t want to deal with a long, overseas return process.  But the clothes were so appealing that I glanced at the site, at least once a day, for over a month before even making my first purchase. Fortunately, I mustered up the courage to take the plunge. I initially ordered four pieces, and I only received three because one was “out of stock.” Needless to say, I am very happy with the items that I did receive.  It took close to three weeks to arrive, and I did get a little antsy about the wait. However, after receiving them and fitting them, I realized that it was all worth it!

Today, I decided to wear my rust color block dress. This is actually my second time wearing it, but it didn’t have the time to post before. I love, love this dress and actually received a few compliments on my way to work today. It’s so comfy and can easily be dressed up or down. Due to the bipolar weather conditions that we are currently experiencing in New York City, I decided to pair my dress with a jersey cardigan and sandals. Tonight, I’ll be going to church, so I’ll add stockings and pumps.
I am now a HUGE fan of Dorothy Perkins, and I would recommend giving it a try, if you haven’t already. I will share the other items that I purchased at a later time. Just keep in mind, that when ordering from this site, you have to properly calculate the currency exchange rate, and give yourself enough time to receive your clothes.  You don’t want to become a nervous wreck like me.
So, what do you think about my outfit?

I also paired my dress with this necklace that everyone seems to love!

Cardigan - Ashley Stewart
Necklace - Ashley Stewart
Shoes- ShoeGasm


  1. Love Love Love your outfit, it's comfy yet it's not too casual. I find it amazing how some outfits can really be dressed up or down. Love the necklace, love the sandals, love how you put items together! Great purchase.

  2. Thanks, Kee!! I was nervous about purchasing from this site, but I'll do again really soon. Thanks for the lovely comment! <3

  3. You got it! Keep posting, loving your thorough content. It's very useful for us readers even if we're not Plus Sized; even beneficial for women looking to lol "Find their Inner Diva in the first place" - must find her before she can Unleash her right lol ::Says hello, are you even in there? Do you exist? Hears crickets Lol:: I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to your posts.